New York Media Collective is a networking group for digital media executives from established and emerging companies. Founded in 2010, NYMC hopes to break down the walls that traditionally have kept apart professionals from properties big and small and old and new.  Managed by a ten-member board of directors, NYMC hosts networking events each fall, winter, and spring in New York City. These invitation-only cocktail parties attract a broad range of senior-level professionals from the leading global media corporations to the most promising start-ups, as well as the advisors who guide them. Hundreds of guests attend each event. 

Attendees work across digital platforms - Web, mobile, tablet, and television. They represent the digital divisions of book, newspaper, and magazine publishers, television and radio broadcasters, music labels, and cable television channels and distributors. Others work for digital-only search, advertising, e-commerce, social, news, and entertainment products and services. They hold C- and VP-level positions in general management, finance, marketing, sales, and product, corporate, and business development. NYMC welcomes the investors, lawyers, executive recruiters, and other advisors who are an essential part of the digital media ecosystem. 

By bringing together this diverse media-focused community, the group facilitates connections that are possible only in such a setting. These gatherings reflect the unique blend of digital media professionals found only in New York City.